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Art Club

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Art Club

We attempt to keep the time we spend together pleasant, fun and completely stress-free, and to achieve a level the students never thought they could reach.

Membership Requirements/Dues

Any resident of Sunflower who is interested in attending the Art Class is welcome, and we invite you to attend our classes to meet and chat with the students. Some of our members had previous art backgrounds, but most of them felt that this was something they wanted to attempt, now that they have leisure time to spend. There are no dues. The art instruction for beginners consists mainly of pencil sketching of simple geometric shapes and understanding the basics of vanishing points and perspective. Initially, the only material costs are sketch pads, pencils, and eventually, brushes, paints, and a table stand. Students select their own subject to paint, which is mostly still life or outdoor scenes from selected various catalogs.

Meeting Times/Location

The Art Class meets every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Contact Person(s)

To obtain this information contact the Village Center at 520-572-9780

Special Notes

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