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Book Club (Sunflower Readers)

Club Website (if applicable)

Book Club (Sunflower Readers)

To have stimulating and insightful
conversations about mutually
selected books.

Membership Requirements/Dues

Participants must be Sunflower residents. There are no dues.

Meeting Times/Location

Meetings take place in the library on the 4th Tuesday of every month September through May at 7pm. When the 4th Tuesday falls on or close to a holiday, another date is agreed upon by attendees. The book selection, date, time and place are announced in both the Communicator and the Suncatcher.

Contact Person(s)

Contact the Village Center for questions: 520-572-9780

Special Notes

Book suggestions can be offered throughout the year. In January,
nine selections are voted upon for the upcoming year (March-May
and September-the following February). The rotation of the
chosen books is decided on by the co-leaders and secretary.

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