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Dance & Entertainment Club

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Dance & Entertainment Club

The purpose of this club is to combine line dancing and the Dance Group (which has been around for many years) in order to offer dances, line dancing and entertainment in the form of dancing to the whole community, making use of outside sources such as Salsa lessons as an example.

Membership Requirements/Dues

Membership is open to all members in good standing of the Sunflower Community Association. Dues will be $5.00 per year which will allow member a full year of line dancing. Individual dances and outsourced programs will be offered to the entire community at ticket prices to cover expenses for program offered. We will ask for volunteers to help with decorating.

Meeting Times/Location

For the current year, meetings will be announced in The Sun Catcher.

Contact Person(s)

To obtain this information contact the Village Center at 520-572-9780

Special Notes

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