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Golf: Men's Golf Club

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Golf: Men's Golf Club

The Sunflower Men's Golf Club offers an opportunity for men to play golf in a group on a regular basis. All residents are welcome.

Membership Requirements/Dues

Membership shall be open to all members in good standing of theSunflower Community Association. There shall be no precondition, nor will members be required to join any national, state, or regional affiliated organization. In some instances, national, state, or regional membership may be necessary to compete in sanctioned tournaments or league play. Interested parties will be invited to play three (3) times before a commitment for membership will be made. The amount ofDues will be determined annually on the recommendations of the club board and approved by a majority vote of the club members attending the meeting after a quorum has been established.

Meeting Times/Location

There will be two (2) business meetings conducted each calendar year

Contact Person(s)

To obtain this information contact the Village Center at 520-572-9780.

Special Notes

The Sunflower Men’s Golf Club has weekly golf events each Monday morning. Tee times vary, depending upon the season. In winter months tee times usually start around 9:00 A.M. and in the summer months, tee times will begin at approximately 7:00 A.M. A sign-up sheet is in the Golf Book located in the Community Center. All participants must sign up no later than noon, Saturday preceding the Monday event.

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