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Quilters Club

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Quilters Club

Sunflower Quilters is a Charter Club for any homeowner in the Sunflower Community who sews, quilts, or wishes to do either.

Membership Requirements/Dues

Membership is $20/calendar year. The privileges associated with membership in the Sunflower Quilters include attendance at all meetings and social events. including morning coffees, potluck breakfasts or lunches, and an annual holiday dinner. In addition we sponsor a biannual quilting retreat, shop hops and a “white elephant” auction.

Meeting Times/Location

Sunflower Quilters meet twice a week in the Craft Room to share quilting tips, classes and techniques. We begin with small items, and learn to make larger quilts as we progress. Monthly Classes are offered via video or with a member leading the group (contact us for details). We also have monthly business meetings. Beginners, intermediate and advanced quilters are welcome to join us!

Contact Person(s)

To obtain this information, contact the Village Center at 520-572-9780

Special Notes

The club has its own website for members only.

We support a variety of service projects, such as a Sunflower Community wide “New Socks and Underwear Drive” for Aviva Children Service Kids Back – to – School time. Once a month we use our skills to create quilts for AVIVA serving local children in foster care, placemats for ICS (Interfaith Community Services – Mobile Meals) and other charities. Community quilts are a great place to practice your quilting! We make "cat bags" filled and delivered to various shelters around town, such as the Pima Animal Care and Control, Hermitage, and Cody’s Friends.

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