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Sunflower Chorale

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Sunflower Chorale

The Sunflower Chorale is a group of dedicated volunteers—director, accompanists and singers—who love music and enjoy sharing their passion with other musicians and the larger Sunflower community.

Membership Requirements/Dues

Most of the arrangements the Chorale performs are written in at least four-part harmony: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone/bass. Some members read music on some level, while many others learn the music by rote through dedicated rehearsal. All Sunflower residents are welcome to sing; no audition is required, and there is no charge to belong to the Chorale.

Meeting Times/Location

Typically, the full Chorale meets once a week for a two-hour rehearsal on Monday afternoons at 3:00. There are also weekly sectional rehearsals, usually on Friday and Saturday, where the focus is on individual parts. A time commitment of roughly four hours a week is required of members. Most rehearsals are held in the Fiesta Room at the Village Center.

Contact Person(s)

To obtain this information contact the Village Center at 520-572-9780.

Special Notes

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