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Veterans' Club

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Veterans' Club

The Sunflower Community Veterans' Club is organized to serve US Armed Forces Veterans residing within the Sunflower Community.

Membership Requirements/Dues

All Veterans are welcome. If you put on a uniform and raised your hand to defend the United States of American you are eligible to be a member. Membership dues are $1 per month.

Meeting Times/Location

Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month. There will be an annual Veterans’ Day ceremony on November 11th.

Contact Person(s)

Check their Club Pages.

Special Notes

Our mission is to share camaraderie, participate in Veteran related programs, and celebrate our fallen brothers and sisters. We will organize fund raising opportunities. We will use funds raised to make donations to local organizations that assist Veterans in need. Following are examples of some local organizations, but not limited to them, that qualify to receive funds: Disabled American Veterans; Veterans Administration Homeless Program; Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery Foundation; Oak Pueblo Community Services; Esperanza Escalante; and Tucson Veterans Serving Veterans.

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