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Basic Charts and Worksheets

Every family historian needs certain staple charts and worksheets for tracking relatives and research progress. These basics belong in every genealogist's toolkit.

To download a form: Click PDF (
next to the name of the form. Depending on your browser, the form will either open immediately or instruct you to save the file to your hard drive. If you open the text forms directly, you can save them to your hard drive by pulling down your File menu and selecting Save As. You can also print forms by pulling down your File menu and selecting Print

Five-generation ancestor chart

Record your ancestors' vital stats on this standard five-generation pedigree chart.

Family group sheet

This essential form is designed for recording information about a nuclear family.

Adoptive family tree

This form has spaces for recording both a person's biological and adoptive parents.

Stepfamily tree

Use this form for recording information about stepfamilies in your ancestry.

Relationship chart

Let this chart help you figure out how a family member is related to you.

Biographical outline

Note information on events in an ancestor's life, such as education, military service, marriage and children.

Genealogy Forms

Family Record Sheet

This sheet is what we use to keep track of family data. It features references for each piece of information.

Pedigree Chart

This essential form is designed for recording information about a nuclear family.

Pedigree fan chart

This is a request from our genealogy friends. Holds 8 generations (255 people)! It's also simple.

General family relationships chart

This is "family graph paper". Names of family members or couples are written in boxes. Optional lines highlight the relationships. Use with generations going down or across.

Forms of timeline

These forms allow you to chart out family history events during an arbitrary time period.

Two lines on a sheet

Three lines on a sheet

Six lines on a sheet

Sheets for keeping track of cemeteries

These sheets are useful for people who wish to keep track of information in graveyards or sexton's records.

A first page

This allows one to map a cemetery and has room for cemetery contact information, as well as room for two gravestone entries.

Following pages

Has a smaller map (perhaps a portion of the map on the first page), and room for six gravestones enscriptions.

Research log

This sheet is fairly standard. It keeps track of research you're performing on an individual in a particular locality. (We've done a lot of work with westward-moving pioneers. This research is problematic, but these forms are the best approach we can think of.)

Correspondence log

This sheet looks similar to the research log, but keeps track of letters you've sent to others for information. The document number refers to letters and responses you've sent out. We've not used this much, but it's invaluable for keeping track of, say, foreign correspondence.

Family History Forms

Ancestor Chart

Family Unit Chart

Individual Worksheet

Six-Generation Chart

Research Log

Research Checklist

Family Tree Coloring Sheet

Child's Family Tree

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