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About Us

The purpose of the Veterans Club is to promote fellowship and unity among the resident veterans of Sunflower and provide support to local Veterans organizations.  

Our activities include monthly meetings, fund-raising cookouts / BBQs, and our Veterans Day Memorial service to honor our members who have passed on.  Our charitable support includes the Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Marana, DAV, Old Pueblo, and several services that support SAVAHCS patients and volunteers.  Donations are very appreciated and can be made securely using the link below.

VCAbout Us

Our Story

We started in late 1999 when a few residents formed a club to develop comradery and communication between fellow veterans.  The Sunflower Community Veterans Club began in October 1999 with 21 members and an initial balance of just $19 in the treasury.  Within a year registered membership had grown to almost 90 with average attendance of over 30 members.

In recent years the club has grown to almost 200 registered members with an average meeting attendance of about 50.  The club has become much more active in attracting interesting speakers for monthly meetings, organizing social fundraising events, and providing much-needed support to various local veterans organizations.


Organization of the Sunflower Veterans Club

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